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Atunah's Romance Haus 10 years ago
Been doing it since December. But I don't follow a specific kind of plan or anything, just cut out most of the carbs. The basics basically. I make my own breads simply from flax seed meal for burgers and sandwiches. I make almond cookies, micro muffins and the best pancakes with almond flour.
And lots of bacon of course :).
Derrolyn Anderson 10 years ago
Sounds exactly like what I'm doing! I haven't had a slice of bread or rice for a few months. Lots of veg & meat, plus I've made buns with almond & coconut flour for turkey, beef & salmon burgers. Read a book by Dr. Gundry and started looking at a lot of paleo-diet theories, but what really sealed the deal was the book "Grain Brain". Scary brain-killing inflammation!

Must. Keep. Brain.
I do love my bacon too :)
Atunah's Romance Haus 10 years ago
Bread was hard for me to give up. I am a born bred Bavarian. I used to bake my home made bavarian farmers bread, rye breads, sourdough.... wimpers. But honestly, I don't miss it anymore now. The cravings go away if you stop eating. It wasn't as hard as quitting smoking many moons ago.
The other thing hard for me was chocolate. I would eat whole bars at once. European chocolates, Milka, Ritter Sport, all the good stuff one gets at stores here even in the US. Same there again, I still have a few bars sitting in sight on top of a shelf on purpose. Haven't touched them since January. :). It took a lot of will power, but again, after a while the cravings went away.

And since one replaces all these carb heavy side dishes with veggies and salads and such, I think I am overall healthier. I eat walnuts as snacks, lovely cheese, bacon, cream cheese, Heck, sometimes I just make a small batch of whipped cream and eat that as desert. :)

Would you mind sharing that bun recipe? Mine I found on a site online doesn't have any coco diet in it, just flax seed, onion powders, baking powder, egg and parmesan cheese. Its a full nice dose of fiber too.
Derrolyn Anderson 10 years ago
Here's a link to the a bun recipe. It was a little crumbly, but it beats slippery lettuce :)

I quadrupled it, skipped the yeast, and used a muffin top pan to bake it in.

I still let myself have a little chocolate with my red wine - I just make sure it's at least 72% and only have a square or two. Have you tried Chia seed pudding? Just mix coconut milk, Chia and natural cocoa powder. I sprinkle a little Stevia sweetener on it and it hits the spot.

Ugh! I quit the weekend smoking the same time I quit the bread :)
Atunah's Romance Haus 10 years ago
Thanks for that link. I actually have chia seeds in the house, I might have to give the pudding a try.
Lindt 90% is a good one for a treat. Its so chocolatey, that one doesn't need more than a small chunk.
Quit smoking and bread at the same time? Woah, I bow to your mental strength :)