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FYI, ChickLit isn't something I personally malign. Others love the genre and more power to them. I tend to not like ChickLit in general, so it's an important label for me because I know I'm not likely to enjoy anything under that label.

In the same way that I do enjoy horror and sci-fi and that's an important label for others who don't because they know to stay away from anything under those labels.

That being said, I'm glad you enjoyed this for the most part and I'm sorry to hear about the ending.

Dor Does Books 5 years ago
I think it's the circles I move in. Chick Lit often gets used as a short-hand for something fluffy and frivolous and of no literary value and it frustrates me because the gamut of what gets included is huge. For me, Marian Keyes straddles the line between Women's Fiction and Chick Lit - she certainly has fluffy aspects at times, but mostly she isn't.

If it's not your thing, though, grand so. :D
Dor Does Books 5 years ago
I think that one probably travels less well than some of her others. In the past few years a lot of groups from the 90's/early 00's have been relaunching careers and the whole Ladz thing is in mockery of an Irish group called Boyzone. They were one of *the* groups of the time, along with Take That.

It did work a lot better the second time around for me, though. The first read I was a bit ... wha? The slapstick didn't go very well with the story.