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I'm already looking forward to two. I think my review is not going to be Team Fairer Than. I kinda like the love triangle, to be honest. I normally don't, but I like /this/ one. Just the right amount of tension.
I dig it that you like the triangle, thank you! People seem very strongly one or the other, so I try not to say what I personally like. ;) But as a story and exploration, I am all for the dynamics of three. I don't know why, but it's quite a fascination for me. I mean, I *finally* get to try it with Monster Stalker and the Darquepunk series, where I may fall on my face in the attempt, but I'm glad for trying.
The dynamics of three works out for one of my most recent fantasies, so... I think it might have started with this series though...
Reflections 3 years ago
Gorgeous cover!
thank you! :)