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Very exciting: I loved your illustrations!

Also, signed up for the contest. Thanks for sharing!
Hooray! And Hi Grimlock, long time no see. :) I hadn't time to go through the Booklikes feed, so hope you're doing well. As to the comic book stuff---the Kickstarters have to succeed first! lol Gods, that's frustrating. Each successful one means I get to tell more stories and draw more. Trina's needs to get to the halfway point at least, by now. *bites nails*
I'm doing fairly well. I'm considering the digital pack, although I see it's almost gone.

And then I saw your original art. Wants. Waaaants.

Goes to check bank account again. *shakes fists at world*

I wish you and Trina well on this Kickstarter. I must admit to being nervous: I've never pledged anything via Kickstarter again, and I tend to be anxious about new things. Still, sighs, I am ever so tempted.

ETA: sorry, loopy today: please don't feel that you have to feel bad if you've been gone. Life gets busy. You get distracted. Things happen. I must admit to being glad to see you again, but I'd rather see you happy/sane/insert adjective of choice here if you need to be away. I certainly understand other obligations. BL certainly shouldn't feel like an obligation or a time suck if you're otherwise busy.
Thanks, Grimly! I want to return to more halycon days---when I could spend time enjoying books and being a writer, but the (retirement) dough to finance that has all run out. So it's back to the streets for me. I appreciate that you take the time to show your support and say hi! Means a lot. :)