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Oooh, what a nice surprise!
6 years ago
Portable Magic 6 years ago
Wow! How did that come about?
"So it goes." 6 years ago
Yanno, I'm not entirely sure. I *think* I put myself in one of those giveaways from Book Riot or similar and just yesterday about 12 hours after writing my review, I got an email from his publishers saying they had shipped my complimentary signed copy. For a while I thought it was magic, but I do know I signed up for every single giveaway I saw for this book - I'm still in one at GR, so I should remove myself from that one - I'll do that right now. I've never won any of those giveaways before, so I'm excited for a variety of reasons!
Portable Magic 6 years ago
I never sign up for those, because I never win anything either, but I did get lucky in a similar way, once. I somehow managed to get into an "author event" during Stephen King's book tour for 11/22/63, where the admission price was pre-ordering the book from a local indie bookstore, and my copy was one of a few that he'd signed and were randomly distributed among all the books handed out at the event. But getting a signed book in the mail when you'd forgotten you'd even entered a drawing is even better.