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learn by going 3 years ago
I read and liked Dare Me and am planning to read The End of Everything. I remember reading about The Fever and didn't think I'd be into it. Also, I find a little Abbott goes a long way; I could never read two books of hers back-to-back.

Weird, though. I've recently seen a couple movies that touch on this topic, like The Falling.
3 years ago
I think Dare Me or You Will Know Me are my two favorites of hers so far. I didn't like The Fever quite as much as those two. She has a new one coming out in July which I should be reading soon.

She's also writing for HBO's show The Deuce, which is about women in the pornography industry back in the 70's.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
I've also had some bad experiences of picking a book based on availability for an author whose other books have been recommended to me. I mean, it should be obvious that every author is likely to write a clunker, so just because everyone you know loves Book A, it doesn't mean Book B is going to be good. But I keep picking Book B anyway, because there's no wait list at the library or it's on sale or whatever, then I regret it.
"So it goes." 3 years ago
Thanks everyone -- it seems Dare Me is the one with most high marks, so I'll put myself on the list for that at the library. And PM, you're SO right about availability being an issue. I really need to get myself together with that. I have a fear that if I don't get something or reserve something NOW, then I'll forget. I don't know why that terrifies me but it sure does cause me to have a lot of weird book choices.