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Murder by Death 2 years ago
My mom is a huge fan of the Richard Jury series, so like Ammie, Come Home, it's on my 'read it someday because my mama told me to' list. So glad to hear you enjoy them - a good indication I will too!
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
I did really enjoy the first five books in the series, though the last 2 or 3 haven't been as good, imo.True anglophiles might not find them up to snuff - Grimes is American - but I happily buy into her Brits and how they carry on their lives. You do need to exercise some suspension of disbelief, and I can see why they wouldn't be everyone's cuppa, but the convoluted mysteries and Grimes' humor get me past some of the series' shortcomings. Like most writers, Grimes establishes a formula and has her stock characters/personality types across books and those may, or may not, work for you.
Murder by Death 2 years ago
I have a pretty high tolerance for formula most of the time; it's when they don't even try to be subtle about it, (*cough*Nora Roberts*cough*) that it gets on my nerves. And even then it takes a few books. :)