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Always in Wonderland 9 years ago
I do agree with a lot of things you said. But to me, there is a difference between insta-crush and insta-love. You can be attracted to a person immediately, not only because of his/her apparence. You can also have sparks with someone or a connection at first sight, but to ''love'' someone, you have to know him/her as a person. I do believe in rushed love however. I believe you can fall in love very quickly, after a few hours, days, months....Sometimes it may feel a little rushed to people but the feelings are there. Again, you have to know the person however.

But you're post was very interesting and I also agree with you that ''insta love'' romances can be very good if the author makes you care about the characters and their relationship. I may be much long, drawn out romance, but I did enjoy a lof of books with romance a little rushed in it because the author was able to make me care about the characters anyway.