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BronwynneSprings 8 years ago
I like how in the beginning when your telling the summary, your giving evidence, then i really like when you relate to Panchito and how you had the same thing like he did when he first started to learn English and it was hard for him and you. The last part was good because i like when you talked about that he and his brothers didn't complain about what they got for Christmas.
Mel Martinez 8 years ago
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Maddie's Books Blog 8 years ago
I agree that the only job they could get was field work due to their situation. I also agree with your point that Francisco Jimenez was trying to tell us that the work was limited and not ideal but I think their was another point to add on to that. I think he was trying to tell us that his work actually helped him as a person, to become stronger and better human being all around.