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BrokenTune 9 years ago
After Tin Drum, I have never been able to try another of his but I look forward to your review. Leopard's review was intriguing.
Gecko's Corner 9 years ago
It's nothing like the Tin Drum, even if I would count that book as one of the books I liked... but a can clearly see a lot of stuff in it, that's unlikeable. I never could manage to eat eel again after watching the film...
Urgh. Yes, that scene was absolutely revolting ... unfortunately, it was also the one scene that stuck most clearly in my mind about the movie (for the same reason). Well, that and grandpa hiding -- and then some -- under grandma's ample skirts while she was being questioned by the cops in his pursuit.

The movie is great, but also extremely in your face, and it was only when I reread the book years later that I realized just to what extent the movie had "overlayed" my own initial reading of the book.