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Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
Those roses are AMAZING. Happy Birthday!
Thanks!! I do love them.
Fun With Books Blog 4 years ago
This was great to read - best wishes for the rest of the year :) Love the roses .... they are gorgeous
The roses were such a sweet surprise. I am saving them so that I can have them always.
Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
The roses are beautiful. When you finish your project with them, will you post a picture?

It's so happy-making to read of all the positiveness going on in your life!
They were so awesome. I have them dried, waiting to completely dry.

Thank you!
Readsalot81 4 years ago
Those are the most fabulous flowers ever!!
Readsalot81 4 years ago
And where did the rest of my comment go? lol I'm glad things are going better for you Lyn!! And Happy Belated Birthday :-)
Bloggeretterized 4 years ago
Happy Birthday and congrats on the weight loss! keep it up! Hope the dried roses turn out great! :)