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I've never thought about the washing machine that way, but that robot's kinda hot!
Gregor Xane 7 years ago
I'm just linking to a GIF there. But you're saying that if the GIF you're linking to is large, you can't display it in your post?
Go to text, go to where you can upload the images. Look at the shiny new size limit. 500KB now that I'm looking at it. 75% of my images no longer work -_-
Gregor Xane 7 years ago
On my most recent post (which I'm sure you'll love), I used the picture (Insert/Edit Image) icon to link to a rather large GIF and it worked. I didn't used the Add Photo button. I used the icon next to the Insert/Edit link icon instead.
I totally misunderstood you. Posted that and gave you 100% of the credit!

Still, I liked being able to upload those files! Le sigh! It's still the best workaround yet. Except when I can't find the original URLs to those GIFs!
Gregor Xane 7 years ago
Very cool. I'm glad I was able to help.
Me too! ♥

Thank you!