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Grimlock ♥ Vision 11 months ago
There were goats, and puppets. Goat puppets now? :P
Gregor Xane 11 months ago
No puppets or goats in my story this time around.
Hol 11 months ago
Gregor Xane 11 months ago
My apologies. This is a teaser ad for an anthology coming out in the not-too-distant future, BAD APPLES 3: SEVEN SLICES OF HALLOWEEN HORROR.
It's a beautiful cover image.
Gregor Xane 11 months ago
Thanks. But the image in this post isn't the cover. It's a teaser. Either way, I can't take credit for it. You can blame Evans Light and Mike Tenebrae for the ad and cover design and artwork.
A teaser that worked well on me. Lush!
Soze Says 11 months ago