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Unapologetic Reviews 3 years ago
I heard she wanted to bring in more depth to the characters and EL was tying her hands. Which is kind of funny.
She did a fab job with the material she had. Along with Dakota and a great soundtrack it was watchable. But the abuse elements were still there and Dornan was sleepwalking thru it. But I bet they get a guy next and if James thinks this was hard, watch out for WW3 on that sequel.
I think if Johnson had more creative control, she likely would've made it a much better film than the book series in its entirety. I think James was afraid of this in some respects, not just for the loss of control in the adaptation of the work, but probably also feeling threatened by Johnson actually bothering to give the characters and adaptation more flesh.

I'm wondering what it might say about the quality of the films from here on out under different hands and with James being able to exercise more control. I don't know if the next two films will be as popular given the initial jumping points of this one (which admittedly, I think people wanted to see how it would pan out in addition to the series fans - I don't know if that's going to be enough of a draw for the next two films.)
I kind of hope that happens because James will get the blame under her own hubris and ego. But I doubt Universal is going to let this happen especially when it made so much money and the main positive aspects of the movie was not linked to James but the changes and Johnson's directing and Dakota's performance.
Unapologetic Reviews 3 years ago
It is possible to make a good movie out of a not so good book. The Devil Wears Prada is a great example. In the book the characters were shallow, and Andy not very likeable. The movie is one of my all time girly faves, and the characters got a lot more depth. It would have been possible to do it with 50, if the book was massively rewritten in the script. Though I think the whole story would work much better as a thriller with a different outcome. Anyway, the movie we got is mostly what James wanted, so maybe they should just not hire a director at all and have her do it. She does have some sort of a TV background. Maybe it would be worse and would show how bad just the whole thing is. :D

I feel a bit bad for Dornan. He was good in The Fall, which I just saw recently.
She's a tv exec and worked on game shows like Have I got News for You, which is totally different to movie making. It sounds and looks like that ELJ is a control freak and I get that because this is her series but sometimes what works on page doesn't work visually and frankly her material was pretty weak. And the sequels get worse with plot and characterisation. The fact they removed most of the silly stuff helped. But apparently she wanted more sex scenes and they dont always carry the plot forward. I actually found myself bored watching most of them.
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Well, I haven't seen it, and will only watch it when it becomes available elsewhere, I just read a lot of articles on it. I am listening to the book in the Mark Reads series, and I'm at the part where Christian goes over after she runs and she says she doesn't want him to do some stuff, but he still goes ahead. I'm already bored of the sex scenes. It is very fanfiction-y that there are a lot of sex scenes that don't move the plot forward. If it was a fanfic and I could, I would be skipping the sex scenes at this point. Though I would have probably stopped reading it all together because of the terrible dialogues and the ridiculous plot line. It's almost like a PWP.
That's the entire trilogy that gets worse. I think James wants to follow this with using sex to drive the plot forward instead of focusing and developing the characters. They struck it lucky with Dakota and Johnson. I doubt the sequels will be as good now she's departed. The plot of the final book gets more outlandish and silly too.
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I have read some stuff about that. Also, there was something in the closing that was kind of pedo, I read it somewhere. Though in a way the whole book has a pedo undertone. Mark often remarks on how often child and sex are in the same context, or at least childish behaviour.
The HEA scene with rainbows and light :P in the final book has Grey licking popcicle juice off his son's fingers. Then Ana remarks about their baby is kicking and enjoyed the sex from last night....
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I did remember it was something gross. What's HEA?
Happy Ever After, its a romance term :D
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Ah, why I don't know it then.
Even Rowling wouldn't have done what ELJ did but then again she had great source material and people around her respected it. But another thing that James doesn't seem to get that she's burning bridges which will affect any future projects outside of Fifty. That's not smart. Even King et al realise this.