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mlsimmons 2 years ago
Great post! I agree completely. If she wants to stand with him that is fine. She shouldn't hide this from her fans because I know that many of them do not want to support him. I know that I can never listen to him again without thinking of him and what he did.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Streisand Effect anyone?

Plus whatever stance she chose to take for a friend -- she did need to jump in to stop the victim blaming. Even if she's 100% behind/believing the version of the story the predator gave her — she needed to object to comments victim-blaming a child.
This! The fact she is so dismissive of it is actually tarnishing her. If she wants him to continue working on her books then that is up to her and her publishers but a lot of people will want to know because they would be in inadvertently supporting someone who was guilty of something really skeevy.
Dolly (guest) 2 years ago
I've never read/listened to any of her books just because they didn't appeal to me for some reason. BUT, if they did, I would want to know all this information. The good news is I learned about this situation from some other blogger friends and didn't get a one sided view. I was totally shocked KMM handled her FB posts the way she did. If she truly wanted to shut down the remarks she didn't like, she should have deleted the whole post. After all, the post is people complaining about the change in narrators. They were quite cruel in their comments about the narrators for this current book. Well, someone pointed out WHY the narrators were changed and it took off from there. So selectively deleting comments was the wrong move IMO. She's encouraging her "listeners" to post their opinions and deleting the comments concerning the why. That's suspect to me. Is it her way of gaining support to bring "HIM" back? I along with many people have made posts on their FB page and then realized it was causing controversy, to fix it, I deleted the post. By doing what she did, she made more readers aware of the problem which is just the opposite of what she seemed to want. I don't know KMM but I do know she's a best selling author with legions of fans, I guess I just expected some restraint and class from her and her readers. Standing by a friend and showing support is different and separate from her business. I don't know if this made sense but this situation has bothered me all day and I'm done now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. ; )