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Ilhem 4 years ago
Oh noooo! How could they?! I'll skip book 4 because just reading that they turned Tom into a Jane Austin heroin after all makes me very, very angry! I loved the line, btw. I'll console myself with the short story, thanks!

The not kinky kink becomes amusing once you got over the irritation, yes.:D - Is polyamory considered as a kink? Anyway, you forgot threesome. I squinted hard and I'm pretty sure that Jas, Flynn and Paul had sex at one moment. Besides that, I think that you got them all. But shhh... They are NOT kinky!
Ilhem 4 years ago
"Plus the authors killed off ALL of the interesting bits of Jake and Tom. ALL of them."

*shakes fist*
KatieMc 4 years ago
I don't know if polyamory is a kink per se, but mixed with domestic discipline and spanking, yep, kinky to me. And it's also what makes the whole setup interesting. I wish the authors would accept this and explore it. For some reason, they seem to ignore the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.

Riley, Dale and Flynn 3 way? Damn, I missed that one. I do remember the fade-to-black Top three-way. The fan-base on the message boards seems to spend a fair bit of time discussing (and speculating) about the sex lives of the assorted pairings. A popular topic is Dale's first time with Flynn, Riley, Jasper and Paul. They especially like to speculate about Dale and Paul, if/when/how it might happen.
Ilhem 4 years ago
Is it still an ongoing series?
Ilhem 4 years ago
To think that there are 24 chapters of Jake & Tom and that they ruined them... *sob*
It probably says a lot about how much this fantasy escapes me.:D
Paul became the focus? Weird. He is not very exciting, is he? On the other hand, he is the nurturing, grounding center of the household... I would like to know a bit more about Jasper too. There is potential for an intriguing character, but it's superficial and I find it frustrating.
Ilhem 4 years ago
It's so tempting to read more of them. I'll take a break aftter this books anyway, and I'll see. If the urge (curiosity that is) is too strong, I'll do just that. The daggers part, especially.:D