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Witty Little Knitter 11 years ago
You are awesome...just today I though 'You know I won't be getting round to customizing my blog anytime soon but I want to somewhen...good luck with finding all the posts again...
I know right? There are so many. I am trying to keep this one updated with every tutorial I come across :)
Let me tell you, this post went far XD I've just followed a bunch of reblogs to get there (I'm curious like that).

So your name is Jane, ha?
I know, it's crazy how fast things move around here.
JANE!!! *tackle hug* Thanks so muchly for doing #1 on my To-Do list w/ tomorrow's coffee. :-D

(and why do I *still* mentally answer ‘no’ when I read your BL handle? *SMH*
because the correct answer is: Nay, but prithee, with sprinkles 'pon it instead, and frosting of white. xD
you're very welcome. hope it helps you with your BL :)
LOL, silly me. Aaaaannd now I want a doughnut... *sigh/considers a biscotti instead* ;-)
isamlq 11 years ago
Thank you!
The Holy Terror 11 years ago
You know BookLikes keeps tweeting this? Funny how they appreciate something from a "bully" right off the bat. I guess we're not so bad, huh?

Also, your theme is adorable.
I didn't know. I'm not really following Twitter stuffs. And thanks, I wanted to go for cozy but I guess adorable is okay :)
Jane? Are you around? I need a bit of help but IDK how to tell on BL if you're logged on or not. :(
I'm here, whats up?
Waaahhh! I'll have to ask you later. Just hit wrong key and wiped out all customisations to date!! *sobs*
yikes, that is frustrating. I hear you. I usually copy all the code into notepad in case I hit the wrong button which of course has never happened to me.....well maybe once, okay multiple times but hey xD
OK, you're prolly all snug in your bed by now. I'll fiddle around some more and see if I can solve my minor issues. If not, then I'll be back. ;-)
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
Thank you so much for continually updating this with new tutorials. Appreciate it!