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SilverThistle 11 years ago
Very nice!! Thank you!
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
Thank you!
Marianna 11 years ago
Is there a way to make comments open in a new tab or window, automatically?
Marianna, I updated this post regarding your question. I hope it helps. :)
Marianna 11 years ago
Oooh. Thanks!
Library Liz·ard 11 years ago
I came, I saw, I did it myself..thanks to you!! THANK YOU! :D :D
Yay, glad it helped :)
PS: I love your background picture.
yeah, GR was simple, yet for people who wanted their profile to look differently, it was rather limited.
Experiment BL626 11 years ago
Hi. Got a tip. If you put the "< /a >" after "{{ post.commentCount }}" instead of before the link will extend to the comment count too.
Marianna 11 years ago
Good idea! More clickable space.
Sassafrass 11 years ago
Thanks that works great!