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Unapologetic Reviews 5 years ago
I started it in paperback, but it was so big, I couldn't carry it. Now I have it in ebook, but I'm just always reading something else. Is it very exciting?
depends on how you define exciting. I think, Hamilton is a master when it comes to world building. the world he creates are so fascinating. he introduces so many people and it's probably going to take a while until everything comes together but man, I love his books.
Unapologetic Reviews 5 years ago
Then a bit like GRR Martin.
actually, I think Hamilton's writing is so much better than GRRM's.
Unapologetic Reviews 5 years ago
I'll see when I get to him. Nowadays for some reason I just want to read light things. Probably because I have so much going on IRL, I just don't want to read anything too complicated.
I know that feeling. you'll get there when you get there :)