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Especially fascinating since they just explained genders in The Covenant of Primus. Solus Prime is female, and all the other original Primes go to her for her ability to build stuff using both her Forge - a hammer - and the Creation Lathe? Man, I don't have the book in front of me, and it is so packed with information!

Anyway, he calls most of them male - of the thirteen, twelve are male which leaves Solus as the, ah, sole female. This seems to be why there is a 12:1 ratio of males to females in the current generation of Transformers.

Also, the distinction is made that Solus - and this is conjecture on Alpha Trion's part - needs to see the word differently, think differently, to use the energy of the Lathe, with which she can create a suit or armor or weapons with one strike of her Forge. She actually looks quite masculine - unlike, say, Arcee or Moonracer - and there isn't much physical differentiation. It also may explain why Arcee went crazy when Jhiaxus played with his gender and turned him into her in the IDW continuity - she was now getting two sets of sensory input, and was slowly going mad.

The problem I can spot already with the civilian/military as gendered is that a lot of them went from civilian to military, and hope to go back again. I don't think you can use that as gender in anyway we understand the term. It's far more fluid for them. It is interesting as far as G2 and the Quintessons go as they built the Transformers, but given how much this has been explored in TF continuities, I don't think it holds water.

Given, I skimmed the article because I don't have time to fully process right now, and I'll go back again in a bit, but it's my personal opinion that this doesn't in fact work.

Huh. It really is a fascination thought about genders, and perhaps I can think myself into it. Thank you for the link, and the thoughts, however. And sorry about the long analysis.
you're welcome. and no worries about the long analysis. I don't know anything about Transformers but when I came across it I figured you might find it an intriguing read. :)
It is. I still haven't fully read it, but I've been in a weird mood today. I'm keeping the link up so I don't lose it, and will read it by tomorrow.

Thank you for thinking of me!