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Awesome review! Did you see the movie at all? From what I'm hearing, it sounds like it watered down the horror of it quite a bit.
JLee22 4 years ago
Thank you! I haven't yet. I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie so I could compare them, but I got waitlisted on the library hold list for about 3 months so I missed my chance to see it in theaters. Currently debating if I should rent a copy of the dvd or try the library again... I imagine for the sake of rating they wouldn't be able to be as graphic, plus the liberty taken of including Melville in the Essex crew for the movie (if I remember the plot summary correctly).
He actually was just interviewing one of the survivors, not a part of the crew. So that part stayed factual I think. It was really good though. Extremely gut wrenching and gave me a temporary hatred of whales. Made me really want to read the book. I think if you liked the book you'd enjoy the movie well enough, though it's always hard to say.
JLee22 4 years ago
That's much better than I thought; I was thinking it was one of those movie adaptations where they freely make anachronistic changes for the sake of cool. I imagine the humans are portrayed more sympathetically in the movie, but now I'm very curious to see how it will compare/contrast to my feelings with the book. Now I have the urge to bump it up my movie to-watch list!