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AI? This is my interested face.
Reflections 3 years ago
I'm loving this book, and of course this part made me think of you.
Reflections 3 years ago
I think you'd like this! It's not so serious as the Ancillary series, but it's lots of fun.

By the way, I've been particularly enjoying your Archie posts. Archie was one of the few comics I read growing up and I love the new turn its taken.
Nice to know. Unless there's an Archie sale, though, that's all for now.

As for this, I want it so bad.
Reflections 3 years ago
I hope you can get your hands on a copy.
It's coming out in paperback later this year. If the e-book price goes down, I'll get it that way. Otherwise I may consider getting the paperback.
Reflections 3 years ago
I was surprised to see how expensive it is now! I bought the Kindle version in June for 5.99.
Sadness. I'll wait for it to go down again.