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Moonlight Snowfall 6 years ago
Ahem. May I humbly request a post about time travelling academics? I read The Doomsday Book earlier this year and loved it, but I wasn't aware that - aside from Connie Willis - this was a thing. There are more of them?
Reflections 6 years ago
Beside the Connie Willis books The Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog (which is by far the funniest), Blackout, and All Clear there is Neve Maslakovic's series with two books so far, The Far Time Incident and The Runestone Incident. It's set at a university in Wisconsin and I really loved both books.

There is also Jodi Taylor's series which starts with Just One Damned Thing After Another. I haven't read it yet, but several other BookLikes people have enjoyed it. I've got both the Kindle and Audible versions so hope to start it once I finish all my other reading . . .

Moonlight Snowfall 6 years ago
I'll have to check those out! Thanks!
Kaethe 6 years ago
Me, too. I love Willis, but I didn't realize anyone else was writing anything similar. Yay! for time-traveling academics.