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BrokenTune 5 years ago
What's with the names? Apart from Anne, the names seem to be playing on ambiguity - meaning one thing or something else. Surely, in a book about words there must be a thought behind it.

This one is still on my Iris TBR, neatly stacked on the the shelf with the bundle of IM books I picked up from a charity shop, and thanks to your fab review I am really looking forward to it.
JeffreyKeeten 5 years ago
That is a great question and I hope you break the code. The names are odd and certainly meant to throw the reader a little off balance in making determinations about the characters. Thank you I'm already looking forward to your thoughts in your review.
Kinga's Books 5 years ago
Why are there no new reviews? :(
JeffreyKeeten 5 years ago
Thank you for the interest Kinga. Due to the lack of interest in my reviews on Booklikes I've stopped posting over here. Unfortunately the site does not have the energy and feedback that Goodreads provides. I would love it if you would friend me on GR. You can see all my reviews the moment I finish them over there.