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Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
If you get the chance, you should walk Gettysburg battlefield. It's an experience that can't really be put into words. This was the opposite of Fredricksburg, the North had the hill and fence this time and Lee never seemed to understand that. If you get a chance, you should check out Sears' Gettysburg if you haven't already. I never really understood the battle till I read his book (actually I listened to it as an audiobook and retained far more then I thought I would. It was extremely well written and well read).

I've not read Killer Angels but I've watched Gettysburg every years since my Dad owned a copy and now I do. Chamberlain is my favorite and I've actually been to his house in Maine. He was an amazing man, extremely bright, though I'm not sure I'd say he was completely charmed. He carried a bullet from the Civil War the rest of his life and is the last person to die from his wounds.

Wonderful review and very thought provoking. And yes, Longstreet has always had the whiff of Shakespearean tragedy. I've always admired him a great deal, maybe for me more then Lee.
JeffreyKeeten 5 years ago
I own a copy of Sears book, in fact, I have all of his Civil War books. I do believe this book was the perfect prep to read Sears. A GR friend of mine Mike Sullivan from Alabama walked Gettysburg a couple of years ago and he wants me to go with him for a revisit. We are working out logistics.

I probably need to rewatch Gettysburg now. It would have much more meaning now.

Thank you!!
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
I've not read any other of Sears books. I'm looking them up now! I hope you get to go, particularly with someone whose already gone. I've gone twice and I want to share it with my husband soon.
Woah! How'd you do the "Read More" thing for Dashboard view? Such a pioneer in book review formatting Jeffrey!
JeffreyKeeten 5 years ago
When you load up your review use the page break function before posting. I usually put one in after the first pic in the review or after a paragraph or two in a review without pics. I think it was Richard who turned me onto that little trick.
Clever clever! Thanks.
JeffreyKeeten 5 years ago
The Shaara explanation for why poor sharecroppers elected to fight in the war, although as man power shortages occurred I doubt many had much choice, rings true to me especially when as I stated my review how poor people view rich people today. I think we all should strive to be successful, but the least interesting way to be successful in my opinion is by becoming rich.

I agree that slavery was a dying institution and it is hard to project how long the system would have been able to sustain itself. There is moment in the book when the Union soldiers come across this massive wounded black man and are stunned to think that he is worth $800. A lot of money to anyone.

It puts my teeth on edge in the current climate when a governor from Texas is threatening to secede from the Union. The blood has already been spilled over that issue and should not be used as a political bit of jousting.