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Congrats on another release! I've fallen behind in this series and you're pounding em out faster than I can read. Good for you! I miss our little chats but knowing that you're deep in writing life is a great thing. Getting this title now. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. :)
Jenny Schwartz 3 years ago
Thanks, Mary :) I miss our chats, too. Then again, I'm not doing much better in real life! Hopefully I'll get into a routine and steal back some time for socialising soon! LOL that won't be in release week! Hope you're having a great weekend. We're swimming through soup - or that's what it feels like! What a humidity!
We'll be swimming in soup before long too. The hot months are coming fast and I haven't been missing them. Happy release week! Hope it's a great one!! :D
Congrats on your new release!
Jenny Schwartz 3 years ago
Thank you!!!