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Dog-Eared Pages 5 years ago
I remember how frustrating that is! That's why I told myself, if I ever become a teacher, we'll go slower and actually dig into the works and appreciate them. The last time I taught Frankenstein, we spent almost 3 weeks on it. I don't get a Great Books course where you steam through all the books--then it becomes like so much medicine, and the reflections you have to write are more like "what just happened?" rather than "I really understood this." The best thing you can do is read parts of each book with detail and then go on to the next one, expecting to read them again one day when you have more time. That's how I survived grad school: for every class we had a novel due, and one was 1,000 pages. You realize pretty quickly that it's not about finishing for these classes; you're just 'experiencing' them. Good luck!