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sherrycltier 4 years ago
India has many of the most reputable industrial manufacturers around. It is not surprising that Walia should be among those making its name in its excellent product lines.
mitchyvon 4 years ago
I wish the website could provide more historical background on how the company came into being. Success always interests me.
mikeketter 4 years ago
Europe has many of the most respected boiler manufacturers. Walia Boilers is fortunate to capture so many clients in Asia as well as other parts of the world. The growing need for boilers in many industries will surely propel Walia’s growth as well.
Gavysand 4 years ago
I notice that Walia emphasizes its objective of maintaining “clean combustion”. That is really commendable. Kudos!
craigguerro 4 years ago
Whether using oil, gas or coal, boilers contribute to pollution of the environment as potentially as other factories using combustion engines. Modern technology must improve in order to maintain the quality of air in our cities and villages. Walia leads the way.