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Yey -- someone else who finds Othello altogether too gullible and stupid! Definitely not my favorite Shakespeare play, either.
Kaethe 3 years ago
Also, the bit where Desdemona is dead, but then comes back for just one more line? And then she really dies without anyone touching her? Yeah, that's not how suffocation works.
One of Shakespeare's most operatic scenes -- and not in a good way. Yes.
Kaethe 3 years ago
Shockingly the daughter who digs Hamlet and Richard III and Branagh movies can't stand Othello either.
Well, on the strength of the evidence presented I'd say she has excellent taste!
Kaethe 3 years ago
I know, right? The other daughter had fun with Romeo & Juliet, she put them on social media. There's so much fighting and thumb flicking.

How lucky am I have to have such interesting kids?
I'd say good fortune rather than luck -- and a lot of good upbringing! :D

Hah -- R&J on social media. Take that, Baz Luhrman ...