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Emerjas 5 years ago
Congrats on the bingo!
Darth Pedant 5 years ago
Yay! Happy First Bingo! :D
Kaethe 5 years ago
Thank you very kindly. Bustopher is mighty proud of his accomplishment.
Mike Finn 5 years ago
I always liked Lara but then I was supposed to. Apparently, she was based on a girl Pullman knew when he was growing up. She threw river mud too.
Kaethe 5 years ago
Probably my initial dislike of her was due to her not being likeable. Lyra is the first female lead in a YA book who wasn't nice. Boys could be horrible and still be heroes, but I can't recall an earlier girl who wasn't charming as well as spirited and scrappy: cf. Nancy Drew's unfailing politeness.