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silverneurotic 4 years ago
My brother had quite a few rats over the years. So many people think they are gross, but they are so much better tempered than hamsters or gerbils, and quite intelligent. He was constantly walking around the house with them on his shoulder. You just have to watch out as they love to chew clothing. They also are prone to tumors, unfortunately.
Familiar Diversions 4 years ago
I second the clothing warning. I actually had clothes (or at least t-shirts) I designated specifically for wearing while I had the rats out, because they somehow found ways to surreptitiously chew little folds and parts I couldn't see.

Oh, I'm excited for you! Rats are sweethearts.
Nitchslap'd 4 years ago
While I am excited for you and your new additions to your family, I am sad to say I am one of those people who can't deal with rats. I can't even look at them (had to block your pictures so I couldn't see them lol). I'm glad you were able to make a connection with them. It's always exciting when you get a new pet.
Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
What sweeties. Way, way, way, WAY better pets than hamsters :) Have fun.