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Murder by Death 4 years ago
Ah geez, this looks good. Tell me though, as a Sherlock Holmes fan - do you think the author of this book remained true to Holmes' personality? Wendeberg doesn't try to make him romantic or anything?
She didn't remain completely true to Holmes' personality although I don't think she deviated as much as some other reviewers seemed to feel she did. I've read a few reviews that really took apart in detail Holmes' speech and actions in this book and came to the conclusion that Holmes "would never" have said or done "that". It may be true but I really didn't think that anything stood out as overly un-Holmesian. My least favourite part of the book is the fact that the main character, Anna ends up having romantic feelings for Holmes. It isn't really explored in depth and Holmes remains more interested in the puzzle of her living her life as a man and in the mystery they are working to solve than anything else. However, while I loved this instalment in the series, I am a bit worried about continuing on - my enjoyment would be ruined if the author actually creates any type of romance between Anna and Holmes.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Yeah, that would definitely kill it for me too. I like the Lori King series, but Holmes is never romantic in it despite his marriage to Mary Russel - plus he's not as much the focus of the stories, so it somehow makes it easier to swallow. I'm still tempted by this book though - the story sounds so good!
Agree on the Laurie King series - the relationship feels more like a partnership than anything romantic. I will let you know if I decide to move on to the second book - the story is good.