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2 years ago
Holly Gibney!
LOL @char - you are the "trusted reviewer" I referred to above. My love for Holly will keep me reading!
2 years ago
Heehee! It's nice to be trusted. :)
She turned out to be one of my favorite SK characters of all time!
I really loved her role in THE OUTSIDER. And I'm looking forward to reading more about her in IF IT BLEEDS.
Also, just throwing this out there-after you've read THE OUTSIDER by SK, there is an HBO show worth watching. (I love the actress that plays Holly!) I think it was 6 episodes, total. It might be out on DVD or streaming somewhere by the time you've read it.
Anyway, I ramble. I hope you enjoy your next visit with Holly.
Wow - thanks for the tip on the series. I had no idea there is a show. I've ordered THE OUTSIDER from my local independent so it should be ready for pickup next week. As you suggest, I will read and then watch the show. *feeling giddy with anticipation*