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Krycek 9 years ago
I'm sure the procrastination remark was just an attempt at being "cute." youknow, cuz it's on my "to read list." It just bugs me that Goodreads has become Amazon's shill. Oh, well...
Holy sanctioned spam! It is not, technically, "a big deal" in the grand scheme of things, but my feeling is that because we are at these sites primarily to escape some of the big deals in our lives, it is precisely the kind of thing I would be annoyed about. Thanks for the heads up.
Krycek 9 years ago
So, is this something new? Have you gotten stuff like this before? I don't recall ever getting any emails from Goodreads except for stuff I specifically gave permission for. Maybe this is a sign of things to come....(dun dun dunnhhhh)
I have not. And hope not.
Unimportant Musings 9 years ago
Amazon is a real piece of work. Apparently, as of now, Box Office Mojo is dead because they just upped and merged it with IMDb, and all with so much as a by-your-leave. It's ridiculous. Also had no idea till that news that Amazon even owns both sites in the first place. What won't they do?
Krycek 9 years ago
Oh, yeah. It's gotten to be that I'm surprised when something ISN'T owned by Amazon.