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Abandoned by user 7 years ago
This is interesting, given the deafening silence from the management. I don't think it bodes well.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
I don't think so either, although I hope that we'll both be proven wrong. It would probably be a very good idea for current BL users to think about other options and to work on backing up (by hand, unfortunately) anything they really don't want to lose. In my case, I'm going to work on recreating my BL reading lists over at LibraryThing, although I hate that LibraryThing doesn't have the option of creating private lists.
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
I didn't know that. A big worry. I really love Booklikes and none of the other book communities I'm on even come close. :(
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I thnk Bauer is a magazine publisher.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
I thought they were just the new owners of the first site, though, and not necessarily Booklikes.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
That was my take as well FD; I could find nothing that indicated that Bauer bought BL as well as Okazjum.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I ddn't know about this sale though. Hopefully not just a data drain or buying marketing contact info, an attempt to shutdown a competing review site, or some Amazon merger forthcoming.

Do we want to start a yahoo group or something for keeping track of each other in case booklikes doesn't work out?
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Maybe. I haven't used Yahoo in ages, but there don't seem to be a lot of other options.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Well, any groups, forums, discussion boards, etc. that are free where we could at least keep up with each other until finding new homes if booklikes dies. Keep up plus relate experiences with potential new book communities as we find them.
No, this needs to be a good thing. I love it here, and haven't found anything like it out there.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
Agreed. I'm trying very very hard not to get my knickers in a knot and wait for more information.
I agree so fingers crossed.
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I've been following the bug thread but just lurking and my knickers are in a twist too. Lots to say on the matter but need to get my thoughts in order first...

I'll be back.

Bauer is a huge German media corporation. They own tons of magazines, radio & TV stations and other media outlets in Europe and also in the U.S.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
I'm still not convinced Bauer is the new owner. The sentence names them the new owner of, but names no owner for Booklikes.
We'll ultimately only know once they tell us.

However, do we even know whether Okazjum is BL's parent or its sister company (and in the latter case, that they're not both owned by the same mother company)? All I know, because I looked it up when I first moved here, is that "" is a different *website* created by the same people who also created BookLikes. Whoever is the creator of a given website doesn't tell you anything about the respective corporate ownership vehicles, though. They could both (directly or indirectly) be owned by the same corporation, or they could be owned by separate corporations founded by the same people -- anything is possible.

However, Bauer being a European media giant, they've obviously clued into the fact that social media is the way to go these days. And along those lines, BookLikes is at least as likely a candidate to gobble up as -- and if you can get both at the same time as they're connected by the people who created them (in whichever corporate structure that connection may find its impression), that strikes me as a scenario Bauer would very likely want to consider very seriously.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
I can shed light on one thing: the venture capital firm, SpeedUp, has (or had, maybe, before the sale?) a 40% stake in BookLikes.

Nothing I found yesterday in all my searches ties Okasjum and BL together under a parent umbrella. They seem to be two separate entities. The comment Familiar Diversions found originally states that Okasjum sold in 2015, with BookLikes "in 2016" (really, that sentence is awful in its construction!!).

As I write this I'm goofing around on the SpeedUp group's site and I've just found that they were investors in Okazjum too, but they've listed it as "exited". But BookLikes is NOT listed as exited. for what that's worth...
Thanks for digging this up; yet more great detective work.

Venture capital companies are rarely in something for the long run; they invest in a company that looks promising to them and exit when they've gotten everything out of it (financially) that they expected to get, or that they think they could have gotten. So it makes sense that SpeedUp should have exited Okasjum at the time when it was sold (probably that was the time when both SpeedUp and Dawid / Joanna decided they'd taken Okasjum as far as it made sense for them).

As you noted, though, the fact that SpeedUp still listed as part owners of BookLikes is neither here nor there. Even if the site has been sold (which we don't know in the first place), they wouldn't be at liberty to disclose anything before the sale has been announced officially any more than any of the other parties to the deal. And if it hasn't been sold ... the total silence we're getting is even more inexplicable.
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
I guess I should have known it was too good to be true. :( None of the other book sites, even Libib, is as good.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Libib lacks the social. But, it's a great place to backup book data from sites that let you export to a backup file. (*sigh* booklikes does not which always made me nervous but I was told Mnths ago they were working on that ...).

YouTube video tutorials for Libib at
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
I agree. Members shouldn't have to become detectives to figure out what's going on here but good job FD & YouKneeK!
Jessica (HDB) 7 years ago
Well, I guess I'd better start backing up all my reviews. *sigh* This sucks. I love BL's platform.
7 years ago
My reviews are always on my own computer. I don't trust cyberspace.

Interesting development. I expected Amazon to eat it eventually.
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
I suppose I shall have to get the social bit on Dreamwidth now. But just like when I left Livejournal and before that Tumblr, I'll miss so many people.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
Well, we don't know anything yet, really. We're building all of this conjecture on a poorly constructed sentence and 2 words in Dawid's LinkedIn profile. And if they did sell, we don't know that the new owners might not keep it going and pour some energy into it (although *please* not to make massive changes we'll hate). It's a good idea to back up reviews (I am) but that's a good idea to do anyway, regardless.

Things look tense and contingency plans are smart, but we probably shouldn't plan the funeral just yet.
BookLikes 7 years ago
Dear Bloggers,
Please, don't worry, Booklikes is not sold and our team is still working on.
Incidentally, very sorry about the silence for a while. We quickly return to previous work.
BL team
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Thanks for your reply! I was about to update my post with your tweet to Obsidian Blue.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
You're back! *hugs* Also let this be a lesson: you go silent and we all collectively panic and assume the worst. So, no more silent treatment! ;)
YouKneeK 7 years ago
Thank you very much for posting to put our minds at ease. The one thing that I saw posted again and again throughout the past few weeks is that we all love it here and don’t want BookLikes to go away.

I hope in the near future you’ll take some time to post about your future plans for the site, in terms of how you plan to grow and improve it. This is a great site and it shouldn’t be left to die.

Please keep in mind that when staff isn’t active and responsive on their own site, it really freaks people out.
Woot Woot !!!! :D This makes me so happy !
Adding my yay in hear. It's just nice to see someone from BL on this site at all. I love BL so, so much, I was really worried when you weren't talking to us :D
BookLikes 7 years ago
yeah, no more silent :)
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
That's wonderful news. :) Thanks for letting us know.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Maybe booklikes needs to make a blog post addressing rumors of shutdowns, buyouts, David not being CEO, etc.? Like we used to get with Thursday Candy. And in an effort to convince doubting members our reviews and book catalogs are safe here finally implement a backup/ export feature.

I love it here, mostly because of the social interactions; but, once I think staff are no longer investing time in a site, bugs go unaddressed, queries unanswered -- I'm afraid I do suspect a shutdown or ownership change and go looking for replacements.
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I'm trying reallllly hard to remain positive. Maybe I need to know things like - Why the 4 week silence despite begging emails and messages here there and everywhere from users for answers? Why is Dawid not CEO any more? Why the email bug wasn't addressed for a month?

I'm hoping it all stays in place forever, I really am...but there's just to much that's iffy about all of this for me to trust that it's all okay and right as rain. A look at how quickly Leafmarks went from 'okay' to 'not okay' gives me whiplash. Barely a suggestion that there were problems over there and it folded out of the blue. And yet with BL there are plenty of suggestions that something isn't right but we're being told to not worry its' all fine.

Well, I worry. Sorry to be the grinch here but I'm going to need more than a 'don't worry' before I stop worrying.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I may pick the wrong next book site to use. Knowing features and platform aren't what I want yet seeing recent staff activity could make me pick it. (Yes, I know, brand new sites are always more communicative as are sites deliberately luring in members because of closings like Shelfari or train wrecks like goodreads censorship during banned books week 2013 -- not that naive.).

If something is up, hopefully booklikes will say something before Shelfarians now also losing Leafmarks decide to try it. It's a shame that Jacquie over on Leafmarks, if had been considering closing it or had lost interest, did get active briefly to handle some bugs with Shelfari imports because that made them feel it was a viable site (and even got my hopes back up where I was doing librarian edits on their books and trying to forget how silent staff had been).
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that we're all still chatting on BL a year or more from now.
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
Me too.
Amen to that.
Yeah, I left LJ for GR.
SilverThistle 7 years ago
I used to love LJ. Before that it, let me think...Diaryland. I thought it said Dairy(land) for the longest time, lol. It didn't click that it was a diary, duh.