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Today I bought another Transformers graphic novel for one buck, and two Switch issues for seventy cents. (And am, of course, eyeing the Wonder Woman Rebirth titles on sale for a buck, too, but I actually think I'm going too pass. If I buy too much, I'll just overwhelm myself!)
Familiar Diversions 11 months ago
Buying new goodies is so much fun!
Sometimes, though, someone needs to save me from myself.
Familiar Diversions 11 months ago
Same here. I have enough to read, watch, and play right now to probably get me through a decade or so.
Right? I still want to spend like another twenty bucks on Comixology stuff -_- I'm trying to force myself to read five of any book in a particular format before I get more of one thing. I think the only exception will be my weekly comics: I read those immediately so there's that, and it won't count towards my Comixology reads/purchasing since I get a lot of those for free.