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A little bit Radch, yes. I mean as far as the rebelling AI: they had some AI that were more rebellious than others, and there seems to be something of the political wars about them both. But I think this is going to be quite different at the same time, as I suspect that much of the Radch - the gender issues, for example - won't be in this. Also, I see no sign of the type of zombie warriors Breq and her brethren were, as much as I liked the hive mind aspect.

Regardless, this is a hell yes for me.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Oh, I agree, there are only slight similarities and I don't expect it to be much like the Imperial Radch books in terms of overall feel. I don't really want them to feel that similar either, or I won't be able to stop myself from comparing the two the whole time I'm reading.
I know: I want something similar, but too similar and it feels like it's ripping something off. Or like you said, you just compare them. As do I.

Anyway, you said 'sentient warship' and I went 'wants!' But I especially want it after reading that description. Trouble Dog sounds amazeballs.