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Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
Liking in sympathy only.
Oh, no! :(
Familiar Diversions 10 months ago
Thanks for the sympathy. I've gotten most of the random papers that I didn't want to throw away dried, and there's a fan currently drying out my purse itself. I'm still working on the book. I really do think it'll still be readable in the end, since only a quarter of the book got soaked, but I ordered a new copy anyway. At least it's new and relatively inexpensive. But man, this is the first book I've ever ruined like this. I've spattered books before, but never got one spongy before.

And huh, I've been getting the "like" notifications for this post, but not the comment notifications. I've reported that. I wish site maintenance on BL didn't have a habit of breaking things.
Portable Mistletoe 10 months ago
The notifications problem is one I've started using the site again after the planned downtime. It looks like they broke something while fixing others. I've reported it, too.
Portable Mistletoe 10 months ago
Oh no! I did that last month, only it was a bottle of Diet Coke. But thank goodness it was minimal damage for you - a paper book is much more easily replaced than an e-reader.
Familiar Diversions 10 months ago
If it had been my e-reader, the silver lining would have been that I'd have a reason to get a Kobo e-reader. I'd still have been /really/ unhappy, though. I want my e-reader purchases to be planned events.

I'm very, very relieved that it wasn't a library book in my purse. If it had been, it would likely have been an ILL book - especially horrible.