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Ceridwen 6 years ago
Oh, god. I'm having this intense flashback to college Russian, which has evaporated like so much of my youth. I had to translate a Tsvetaevna poem as a final, and I remember walking up and down the fetid Fox river trying to work out the verse. "I love too much in this world/all that clothes the soul in flesh." A poor copy, I assure you, and I can't even remember the Russian anymore. AooOooOOOooo.
Leopard 6 years ago
Regrettably, I never knew any Russian, not even to forget...
Ceridwen 6 years ago
It's good for your soul to learn a little Russian, even just how to work Cyrillic. At least, I can now assess the accents of stock baddies in Cold War thrillers.