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This is fascinating (and, incidentally, I'm glad to see you've decided not to stop posting entirely!)

I, too, would hope that Pluto gets restored to "planet" status. So sudden and unfair, that decision ... ;)
RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
It's pretty, isn't it.
Apparently, deGrasse hasn't seen enough evidence to make him change his mind. Although Stephen Colbert is politicking for it. I've heard there might be talk of a petition -- Pluto IS A Planet. I'd sign that.
And, Leopard, me too. Thanks for posting.
Leopard 7 years ago
Thank you both. Yes, the nice support you two and others gave me will keep me posting what I call auxiliary posts, since they are just news items. But reviews will have to wait until BL does something about the reblogging function. Did you notice that a representative of BL promised a change in that function in the Think Tank? So there is some hope...
Yes, let's hope they've finally gotten the message. AND let's hope they'll come up with a fix that truly addresses all of our concerns ... and doesn't add new ones in the process, as the last one did.
Clyde Tombaugh is still turning in his grave as I'm writing this...