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BrokenTune 6 years ago
Welcome back?
Leopard 6 years ago
No, sorry, nothing has changed here at BookLikes (except that its servers seem to be getting slower and slower). I wish they'd do something, but, as you anticipated last summer, nothing and then more nothing is coming from BL...
You should get a blog to publish your stuff, so that we wouldn't feel deprived of reading it. And yes, BL's is going down the drain...I don't know why I bother...
Leopard 6 years ago
Why not join Goodreads, where there is no re-blogging and there are many serious readers?
I've been there. No more. I can't forgive them the fact that they deleted 3 of my reviews...
Leopard 6 years ago
They do do that, don't they? That sent me to BookLikes and Leafmarks a few years ago, but then I found that those two sites, both dying on the vine now, had no reviews and nearly no readers for any of the books I wanted to read. So if I wanted to interact with other "serious readers" I had to stick with GR, which has been turned into one of Amazon's commercial platforms. Between a rock and a hard place, as one says here.
Indeed. No Book Nirnava for serious book readers...
Ceridwen 6 years ago