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Hol 4 years ago
Well said. I'm with you.
Angela 4 years ago
Don't know if it will make a difference; however, I too, will not buy (don't review much lately anyway) any books published by HC, actually have made this promise as soon as the KH story broke. I also will not read The Guardian anymore.
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
I've been avoiding The Guardian, too.

This includes not just the named Harper/HarperCollins imprints but Avon, William Morrow, and various other smaller divisions of the conglomerate.

If none of them care and by not caring they imply approval of what Hale did, fine. I'm not going to support it because I don't approve. But they're only really going to respond when it hits their News Corp. bottom line, and that means a boycott.

Maybe when push comes to shove most people really don't care. Maybe a few of us will be in a passionate minority and the rest of the world will look at us like we're freaks. It wouldn't be the first time for me, and probably won't be the last.

I don't set foot in W**ma*t. I haven't willingly driven into an Exxon station since the Valdez went aground. I can't avoid all the things I'd like to avoid, but it seems to me there are lots of alternatives to HarperCollins.

Angela 4 years ago
Did not know about Avon but I will make more of an effort to check who publishes what I read.
Angela 4 years ago
Thanks Black Spot
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
I uninstalled my Guardian app, which was a big deal for me because it was my daily news read, and I loved their book section. But ugh, after that article, especially because there was no further reference to the site's own ethical standards - I can't read it anymore.
I wish I could do a full boycott of the company because I'm completely against everything that HC has done in the aftermath of this (by their non-response and for failing to discipline Hale in any way), but I'm still torn on it. I feel like I wish I could appeal to the other authors who are under HC and their imprints to stand up and tell HC that "Hey, you guys need to address this," but if they do, they could end up getting silenced as well. Really, in any other industry and if she didn't have the connections she had, Hale would've been terminated. Point blank, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. The whole thing just makes me angry all over again. For someone to get away with outright lying, deceiving multiple people in the industry for nefarious means, and stalking/invading a reader's/blogger's private space.

I am no longer reading the Guardian. Which like Batgrl, I used to read and enjoy some of the articles they posted. Not anymore though.
I forgot Harlequin was purchased this past year as a part of Harper. Dangnabit. There are a lot of imprints that I read frequently that I didn't realize were under HC. Avon and William Morrow I knew about though. Thomas Nelson, I think I knew about, but I'd forgotten it from a while back.

I love reading in general and I hate seeing authors like KH do things that take away from this love that has been a part of my life - and other people's lives - for years. And I hate thinking that, as an aspiring writer, that I'm entering an industry that doesn't seem to care about what's wrong with this picture and why creating a fearful atmosphere for readers where this behavior isn't addressed and stamped down helps no one.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
They publish some authors (and series) I am hooked on. Other than those books/series/authors, I'm with you in boycotting HC.

I've already been boycotting bookbuying and reviewing on Amazon (except two kindle exclusive series and one mag I'm that hooked on) since review issues, goodreads damage, and debacles like the Hatchette mess (plus I deleted thousands of reviews). I'm a kobo and nook girl now.