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Having looked at the synopsis for The Dark Shore, I amazed du Maurier didn't get in touch with her lawyers.
Linda Hilton 2 years ago
Oh, really???? Oh, now I'm really intrigued!
"Was it an accident that befell Sophia, millionaire Jon Tower's first wife, that weekend in Cornwall? When newly wed Sarah Hamilton arrives in England, she expects a brief stay in London before she returns to Canada and a bright future with her husband Jon. But already Jon's estranged son Justin has changed the game by asking if he can return to Canada with them and Sarah becomes increasingly unsettled by Jon's insistence that they visit the house in Cornwall where he lived with Sophia. Buryan is a beautiful house with breathtaking views and cliff walks and Sarah momentarily forgets her misgivings. But all too quickly Jon's mood seems to shift, he becomes secretive, short tempered and withdrawn and Sarah realises that Jon is inexorably drawn to this house because he is trapped in the past. Too late, however, to stop a nightmarish replay of the mysterious events, which led to Sophia's death ten years before."

This is a little bit different from the synopsis I read, but even so it does sound like Rebecca-Lite to me.
The whole analysis sound like it was a Rebecca's summary to me *evil grin*