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These are gorgeous! I do hope the art show goes well for you.
Char's Horror Corner 5 months ago
Ooooh, pretty!
Book Cupidity 5 months ago
As someone who has dabbled in many (too many) crafts, especially when she started "let's make all the Christmas presents!" years ago - I love you're 'go ahead and try' attitude. Those earrings are worth every bit of that, I guarantee it, even if that isn't your particular price point.

Just lovely. I really jive with your style - such pretty things.
Linda Hilton 5 months ago
Thank you! We could probably have a pretty good contest on the craft dabbling!

My art group sponsors an open studio tour every November, and it irks me that for the map that guides customers to the various studios, each artist is limited to FIVE WORDS to describe their artistic product. That's fine for those who can cover their work with "Southwest watercolors" or "chain maille and beaded jewelry" or "quilting and fabric art" or "Lathe-turned wooden bowls," because that's all they do. I had to fight with the event chair just to get mine extended to six words and an ampersand: "Really Neat Rocks: Lapidary & Gemstone Jewelry." I don't get to list that I will also have mini-quilts and quilted jackets and other quilted accessories, lathe-turned wooden bowls and jars, plus my f**king books, all of which I've been "juried" into the group for.

That doesn't count the knitting and crocheting, cross stitch, doll clothes and doll furniture and dolls, origami ornaments, stained glass, and whatever else I've done that I can't think of off the top of my head at the moment!! ;-)

But it's in my DNA. I'm at least a fourth-generation arts & crafter. It bugs me that neither of my kids has taken up anything even remotely related.
Book Cupidity 5 months ago
Goodness, origami ornaments? You must post some of those some time if it feels right. We'd love to see them!
Such novice, one-note crafters, who can describe everything in 5 words :P I can see how that would be frustrating, especially with the time and effort to get there - all the hard work, and then have to fight to get people to the booth.