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Those are gorgeous items -- and no wonder you are proud of your tree! What a tough creature it's proved to be. Or your legume, I should probably say ... I had no idea they were the same family as peas, even though I do remember Ironwoods (and their thorns!!) well from traveling in the Southwest.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Those are lovely pictures, Linda. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I love posts like this, informative and delightful. Thanks for sharing
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
Thank you! I love writing them and sharing my (very amateur) photos, and I always worry that they're not quite appropriate for BL.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
OH! Look at the before and after of your tree - it IS gorgeous! And phooey to the certain someone, I love your tree! :) (A certain someone over here thinks my artichoke plant is ugly - hasn't stopped it from being in my garden for that last 6 years, lol).

BUT... I have to say I LUST after that bowl. It's stunning; if it and I were in the same time zone I'd have a hard time keeping my hands off it - it just looks so smooth and ... strokeable! :D

That heartwood container is pretty damn special too - I love that almost black color. Everything is gorgeous, but those are my favourites. :)

Thank you for the post - I've learned heaps from it and when I make it back to Arizona I'm going to be searching out Ironwood.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
OH! I just googled... it's endemic to Australia too! Woot! :D
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
I hope it all made you feel better!

I have a local real life friend who also has an artichoke plant; everyone loves the flowers! And then they're surprised to find out it's part of the thistle family.

The bowls are all very, very strokeable. Most woodworkers don't use the live wood, just the really dark dead material. But when this wood is seen in sunlight, it's absolutely incredible. It really is like tiger's eye.

I still have four or five of the boxes and quite a few of the bowls and jars. We sold a lot of them, and after Doug passed away, I gave several as gifts to people who had helped out at that time.

But there is still that huge pile of wood in the back yard. One of these days. . . . .
Murder by Death 6 years ago
Well, when those days arrive, I hope you'll let us know; I'll be camped out on your Etsy site! :)

And yes, the post definitely made me feel better and smile! :)
My Never Ending List 6 years ago
Love your post. Great information and your tree is beautiful! Those trees have character. I loved the different colors on those boxes, it really highlights the woods beauty. Thanks for sharing!