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6 years ago
These are pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Linda. :)
Null 6 years ago
Wow, lovely... One bit of trivia caught my attention... Six or seven *weeks* in a tumbler!? Mind boggling. LOL.
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
Six or seven weeks, running 24/7. Usually two weeks on coarse grind -- a silicon carbide grit -- but sometimes it takes three weeks if the stones are particularly rough. Then a week each on medium and fine grit, followed by a week on a silica pre-polish and a week on polish (aluminum oxide). And if any step doesn't produce the desired results, it gets done over. It's a hobby that requires extreme patience. Kinda like writing! ♥
Murder by Death 6 years ago
PERFECT! That last shot exactly answers what I was curious about (although I loved reading about all the others too). It's amazing how much the tumbler can bring out the beauty of a stone and I personally like the smoother edges and contours, though I can appreciate some of those slices in the raw too.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. It's appreciated and I love learning about it. :)
Person Of Interest 6 years ago
What Char said. Enjoyed the mini-geology lesson too. :)
My Never Ending List 6 years ago
That is so amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us- I had no idea. I love rocks but had no idea what could be inside some of the previous gems.