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I keep wanting to attempt a bonsai, but I'm so afraid I will kill it.
Linda Hilton 2 months ago
Yeah, me, too. That's why I was thinking if I grew them from seeds -- we have mesquite sprouts everywhere right now -- I wouldn't feel so bad.
I tried to grow a Japanese maple from seed but I apparently missed the step where you were supposed to soak it in water for 24 hours. So it never grew. I felt like such a failure. My birds are better gardeners, just dropping seeds in my yard and growing huge sunflowers, and here I am with Miracle Gro, expensive special order seeds and I got nothing. Lol. Maybe I will try again.
My Never Ending List 2 months ago
We have a good friend who does bonsai trees. He took them up after retiring. He has about 50 of them. They are beautiful and like you, I am afraid I would kill them. He trains them and some of them are worth a lot of money. Definitely an art to them.