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Linda Hilton 5 years ago
Regarding this review, I posted this earlier on Goodreads:

On this date, 15 October 2013, I discovered that another of my pre-September reviews has been deleted. I received no notice whatsoever from Goodreads that it was going to be deleted, even though that was part of their announcement.

I have no idea when it was deleted.

For various reasons, I saved an html copy of the review and all the attached comments, including comments from the author in which she pretty much admitted she'd done what she'd been accused of relative to the book in question.

To say that I'm livid is pretty much the understatement of the decade.

I then added the following:

The deletion occurred after I exported my GR files to csv and uploaded them to Booklikes. The review -- but not the comments, obviously -- was posted to my Booklikes account along with all my other reviews roughly two weeks ago. That means the review was removed from Goodreads well after this whole mess started -- probably within the past 7-14 days.