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Super awesome. I want to hear more about that conversation, though. That sounds horrific and hilarious at the same time.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
God. I think I've blocked most of it out. It was...excruciating...
By the way, your mum reminds me of mine. I let my high friend - well, I didn't realize she was high until she finish and said 'you'd never let me do that if you knew all the shit I was on - dye and cut my hair when I was like fifteen. (Purple, and very short. Amazing cut.) I came home, my mum looked up, when 'awesome,' and went back to reading. I feel like yours would have been that chill, too.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
My mum was incredibly cool about things. I remember coming home very drunk when I was 16. My mum said, "Have you been drinking?"
"No," I said in what I thought was a dignified manner, and then walked into a wall.
She didn't even ground me for it. I think I earned bonus points with the unexpected slapstick.
Hah. I got drunk when I was... I think a couple years younger. And yelled at for falling asleep at her best friends house. And yelled at when hungover, until her friend called to apologize for accidentally serving all her kids wine. Then she got very quiet, as not to make the headache worse, and tucked me back into bed!

I've never been actually hungover since because I hated that experience so much...
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
I wish I could say the same about hangovers. It took me many years to learn that lesson!
Hah! Getting yelled at while your head is pounding helps!
Oh my...a Mum that listens, supports, and has a sense of humor. I like it!
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
My mum has always been a lot cooler and a lot more supportive than I've realised -- especially when I was a teenager.
AnnaLund2011 7 years ago
I think I love your mum. Really.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
She is the best :)
Nicci - TWLIB Reviews 7 years ago
Oh that is so sweet of your mum.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
I know! One day I might even work up the courage to let her read my stuff!
Don't forget to post her reactions here. :P
Your mom's so sweet :) Mine only nags with no fullstops. Sigh.. I still love her still. There's no replacement for her.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
I still don't know if I'll ever work the courage up to show her. Mine nags too, mostly about stuff I know I should have got done, but I wouldn't give her up for anything :)
Tough love eh. Same here. Nagged for things I should have got done too. Talk about pressure man. I can't even relax and unwind at home after my job. Geezz. She just doesn't know when to loosen the noose. Sometimes I miss her yet I don't really. Argh!
I don't know.
Lisa Henry 7 years ago
Lol! Mums can be complicated!