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Pls tell me that this was just a random bee in your bonnet and not due to a specific/new thing? *holds breath*
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
Yes, it was random! Just something that's been annoying me more and more every time I hear it :)
Whew! There's been too many loose nuts this past week. We all need a breather. :)
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
There's always new crazy on the block...
Shiloh Walker. Author, mother, lost a child, and wrote a brilliant blog about it:
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
That is BRILLIANT. And should be emailed to every author who starts wailing that their books are their babies.
I love linking to that, because it's just so amazing. And I love her stopping and going, 'look, I'd put a manuscript in front of me in the hopes it would stop a bullet, even if it was the only copy, including digital. I would... not try to stop a bullet with my *child*.'

I keep feeling bad about not reading Shiloh Walker after I do link to that. I can hope it gets her more fans, but I don't read tons of romance, so I really shouldn't feel all that guilty. Especially since I'm less inclined to read romance lately.

And the great thing? I think Shiloh wouldn't hold that against me. I know you won't. Posts like Shiloh and yours, though? Meant that if I do hop back on the romance train, you two will be some of the first names I look for.
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
There are only so many hours in a day. Read what makes you happy!
nospin 6 years ago
God, I wish I read this earlier. I just had yet another author tell me I was wrong to object when books are called babies.
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
Nospin, it annoys the hell out of me when I hear it.
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
I came over here when I saw nospin's re-blog, thinking that it's such a ridiculous analogy that I had to comment. I'd die for my three children, I'm ridiculously proud of my three children, and I love my three children. None of these things apply to my seven books.
Not even close.
Then I see the above link and the point is driven home.

Lisa Henry 6 years ago
The link to Shiloh Walker's post is fantastic. Thanks, Grimlock, for sharing!
As Debbie said in her comments on a reblog of this post: Any author buying into the notion of considering their books their babies had better make sure they're treating their books accordingly themselves, then -- particularly, not unleash them onto the world until they have ingested basic communication tools such as proper spelling, grammar, and logical thought, and are mature enough to face the world on its own terms ...
Thank you for this post.
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
Thanks for reading, Sirius.
My mother has certainly never confused me with one of the books she's written! (Though that would be very amusing.)
My mother has never confused me for an object, although she has confused me for both my younger siblings at various points in time. Most often my sister.
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
Lol, Susanna!

Grimlock, I don't think my mum has ever confused me with my sister. My sister was always the good one! And I was always the one finding new ways to surprise everyone. :)
My parents got similarly confused. I'd like to give them a break but c'mon!! They only had 1 daughter out of the bunch, for Pete's sake. ;-)
My siblings and I are years apart, but we looked exactly alike as kids. My mom made a game of holding up baby pictures and making my dad and my siblings and I guess who it was.

I'm embarrassed how often we all got that wrong -_-

And I joke. My mom would call out for one of us, but thinking about something she had to tell the other, so it would be one name, then the other, oops, no, she's going for that third name.
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
I've run through all the names in the family before I hit on the right one - including the dog's.
That sort of thing is a running joke in our family -- my aunt, especially, used to do this all the time with the names of our family's female members when I was growing up. (In her defense, there were decidedly more females to get confused over than males at the time, the ratio being 5:1 ...)

Then again, with the length of some book titles, just imagine that situation with books!
Lisa Henry 6 years ago
Thanks, Amaranth! :)